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Online Dating Tips to Make You An Instant Hit

Internet culture has been on a boom, and so has been the online dating scenario, and why not? It’s relatively easy to find a date online and interact with the person before asking them out for an “actual” date.

However, just like the real world, online dating also has some do’s and don’ts and there are certain etiquettes that you are expected to follow. After all, everybody has so many options and a single thing could act as a turn-off, making them move to talk with some other person on their list.

Of course, forming a connection will be completely up to you and your personal capabilities but we are here to guide you with some basic tips that could help you get that first reply or arouse the interest in other people while they talk to you.

  1. Display Your Outdoorsy Side

The profile picture is the first thing that anybody will notice about your profile so make sure that you have not left it blank. Also, putting up a casual picture taken outdoors could be quite attractive for women as it shows that you are smart but not trying too hard.

  1. Go Solo

Remember it’s a dating site and the person of the opposite sex wants to see just you. So, avoid putting pictures with your friends or even pets. Those pictures might look cute but they will distract the onlooker from you.

  1. Ditch Those Selfies

Putting up a selfie as your profile picture is such a 2015 thing when the selfies were a rage and people drooled over your close-ups. Get a friend to click a full body shot of you because that’s what attracts people more.

  1. Smile & Be Casual

Don’t put up pictures being all dressed up. We know that you look dapper and stunning in them but nobody wants to see how you look once in a blue moon. Show pictures with a casual dress up and don’t forget to have a smiling shot, because that makes a person feel more inviting.

  1. Be Honest

It could be difficult to share about your entire life with somebody in a single conversation but try to be honest about your past love interests and divorces. As lame as it might sound, being honest actually attracts more people than you think.

  1. Be Thoughtful in Description

Don’t write that you are “laid-back” or “easy-going” just because you want to come across as a chilled person. If those qualities don’t describe you in real then just come up with some interesting words to describe who you really are.

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